HOT CEOs: You Decide Who's on Top

The title of CEO already commands our attention and respect. It's a top position that many of us aspire to reach for the prestige, the recognition, the power to influence, the chance to inspire, and -- let's face it -- for the paycheck that comes along with the job. It's not easy work. It takes a hardworking person with superior judgment, business acumen, intuition, innovation, and people skills to pull their company to the top.

You'd think that with all the stress and responsibilities that befall a CEO who realizes that the fate of an entire company rests on his/her shoulders, that the CEO would appear as a haggard shell of a person. While that may be the case for some CEOs, that's certainly not the case for the following 20 CEOs that we've chosen.

These 20 CEOs not only impress us on paper, but also dazzle us in person. Or rather, in photos and other media. They are the hottest current CEOs we could hope to lay eyes on. From a long list of attractive contenders, these are the top 20 we decided upon. The cream of the crop. Now, we need your help in deciding who among the top crop belongs on the very top -- you know, for fun and for bragging rights. Who is the hottest male CEO? Who is the hottest female CEO?

You decide!

Cast your votes (one for a male, one for a female) in our poll located at the end of the article, and feel free to give honorable mention to other hot CEOs that we may have left out. There should be plenty, as we found it very difficult to narrow it down to only 10 of each gender.

The Men

U.S. President Barack Obama
CEO in Chief

  • Elected as the President of the United States of America in 2008, making history
  • As our new president, he inherited economic recession, ongoing foreign wars, and low international favorability ratings for the United States, but he still keeps his head up, his eyes locked on the prize, and his hopes high.
  • He's young, he's handsome, he's cool, and he's the chief of all CEOs. Our president kicks off our top 10 hot male CEOs list.

The Women

Vera Wang
CEO of Vera Wang

  • Within a year of working for Vogue, she was promoted to senior fashion editor at 23.
  • A lack of fashionable bridal wear inspired her to open her own bridal boutique, which featured couture gowns from top designers.
  • Her fashions are hot in Hollywood and her Vera Wang brand is top for bridal wear in America.
  • Always looking elegant and polished, she keeps America looking beautiful with her talent for fashion. She kicks off our female list.

Tim Armstrong

  • He joined AOL in April 2009 from Google.
  • He prepared AOL for a spinoff from Time Warner that December, and took the company public with a listing on the NYSE.
  • At Google, he had a hand in Google's scaled launch of its advertising and its global expansion.
  • We realize he's our CEO, but, hey -- even if he weren't, he'd still make our top 10 HOT CEOs list. He's as charming and charismatic as they come!

Hilary Rowland
CEO of Project Migration,, eClick Interactive Inc.

  • She founded her first two start-ups at 15 years old.
  • She taught herself HTML code and Web design.
  • Her HILARY Magazine was the first women's online magazine.
  • allowed models and actors to book work online and talent to self-promote.
  • She still models with top agencies.
  • Beautiful, proactive, innovative and charitable!

Tony Hsieh
CEO of

  • He's a comp-sci major from Harvard University.
  • Before Zappos, he co-founded and sold LinkExchange to Microsoft, an Internet ad network.
  • He joined Zappos in 2000, and within six years, grew gross merchandise sales by about $500 million.
  • He wrote a book called Delivering Happiness.
  • Let's face it. Women love nerds with good-boy looks and the ability to take action!

Kerry Knee
CEO of Flirty Girl Fitness, Inc.

  • Originally from Canada, where she and her sister Krista opened their first studio.
  • She and her sister are called "The Flirty Girls."
  • The sisters saw an opportunity for pole dancing for fitness, and turned it into Flirty Girl Fitness.
  • Her job is to get you into shape and to look good while doing it! No wonder she's successful: Kerry has one of the best bodies of the bunch!

Sir Richard Branson
CEO of Virgin

  • Dropped out of school at 16 to start Student, a youth-culture magazine.
  • Branson began a mail-order record company to help fund his magazine, called Virgin -- itgrew into a record shop, and then into a recording studio.
  • He began Virgin Atlantic, sold Virgin, started VirginRadio, and later, started a second record company called V2. He heads up the Virgin Group.
  • He is also known as a thrill-seeker, dubbed the "Rebel Billionaire." He crossed the Atlantic and Pacific in record times.
  • He is also philanthropic. What's not to love about Sir Richard Branson? He's on fire!


  • She was a top model of the '70s and '80s, and in the '90s she stepped into the business world with her own line of cosmetics for all women of color -- Hispanic, Asian, Native American and black.
  • The Washington Post described her as having broadened the definition of beauty by making earthiness sensual.
  • Her name is a man's name. Her progressive mother hoped it would make her stronger in life.
  • She serves as an activist, creating makeup for which proceeds would benefit children.
  • She is a regal woman with a sharp business sense and a big heart.

Jason Kilar
CEO of Hulu

  • He joined Hulu after several key leadership positions at
  • At Amazon, he wrote the original business plan for Amazon's entry into the video and DVD business.
  • He began his career in Disney Design & Development, working for The Walt Disney Company.
  • He is a Harvard Business School graduate and a UNC Chapel Hill undergrad.
  • Here's the dashing face of high-quality online video service.

Andrea Jung

  • In grade school, Andrea admitted she was a lackluster student.
  • In high school, she served as president of the student body. After high school, she attended Princeton University.
  • After undergrad, she continued onto law school, but discovered a love for marketing along the way.
  • She eventually got a job consulting for Avon, and in less than 10 years, she became CEO.
  • She is always looking sleek, stylish, and confident with her signature choker of pearls.

James Hackett
CEO of Anadarko Petroleum

  • He has been CEO of Anadarko Petroleum since late 2003.
  • Before joining Anadarko, he served in multiple leadership positions within the energy business.
  • He is the president of the Houston Grand Opera and the chairman for the St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital capital campaign.
  • His experience includes Chevron USA, Amerada Hess Corp., Citation Oil and Gas Corp., and more.
  • This energy expert is always looking sharp and ready for business.

Annalea Krebs
CEO of TheChange

  • She was raised to be environmentally conscious and socially active.
  • She launched TheChange to raise awareness of organizations committed to sustainability and to advance the movement toward a more sustainable world.
  • She is a member of the Young Environmental Professionals.
  • She launched the first "Green Groupon" site, called ethicalDeal, this past summer.
  • She's a natural beauty on Mother Nature's side.

Ralph Gilles
CEO of Dodge

  • He styled the 2005 Chrysler 300 after joining Chrysler in 1992.
  • He became CEO of Dodge in October 2009.
  • Since he was 6, he's had a love of cars, but it wasn't until 8 that he began drawing concept cars.
  • He often spends his time at the track and attends many car racing and car show events.
  • He received his M.B.A. from Michigan State.
  • He's as handsome as he is passionate about cars.

Candida Royalle
CEO of Femme Productions, Inc.

  • She is the founder of Femme Productions, which is a company creating adult videos geared toward female viewers.
  • She wrote, produced, and directed some of the Femme films, but acted in other adult films prior.
  • She was initially trained in music, dance, and art in New York, but took a detour.
  • Her films aim to provide women's sexual empowerment.
  • She's a strong, sexy sexual crusader, for sure.

Casey Wasserman
CEO of Wasserman Media Group

  • He is the grandson and pupil of Lew Wasserman, former head of MCA, an American talent agency.
  • He purchased the Los Angeles Avengers, a former Arena League football team, and became the youngest person ever to own a professional sports team.
  • The same year, he started Wasserman Media Group, a talent management company.
  • He is also a sport agent executive.
  • He serves as president and CEO of the Wasserman Foundation, a charity founded by his grandparents.
  • He has celebrity good looks and an eye for talent.

Tina Wells
Buzz Marketing Group

  • At 16, she began writing reviews on companies and products targeting for New Girl Times.
  • The insight she provided in closing the gap between teen desires and the companies' campaigns led her to start Buzz Marketing Group.
  • She created innovative marketing strategies, focus groups, youth marketing research campaigns for several clients including: Sesame Workshop, SonyBMG, and Time Inc.
  • She is in a post-baccalaureate program for marketing management at UPenn's Wharton School of Business.
  • Buzzworthy beauty meets brains.

Ben Lerer
CEO of Thrillist

  • He co-founded with Adam Rich, his pal from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • The site offers recommendations geared towards men on everything from clothing to food in particular cities.
  • Thrillist released an iPhone app and is soon launching android and iPad apps.
  • He is still under 30.
  • He's hiring!
  • He's a looker and a chick-magnet who clearly knows how and where to party.

Summer Bowen
CEO of BTC Elements

  • She founded BTC Elements, an eco-fashion shop.
  • Her company helps to sort truly green companies from those just trying to capitalize on the word.
  • She directly hunts for her suppliers by reading about them, e-mailing and calling them, asking for samples, or going to trade shows.
  • Most of the products carried are made in the U.S.A., because it is important to her to keep it local and support our economy.
  • She's a smart, socially responsible, and sunny beauty.

Terry Lundgren
CEO of Macy's

  • He's an alumnus of the University of Arizona.
  • Previously, he served as CEO of Neiman Marcus and the Federated Merchandising Group.
  • He is credited as being an innovator in merchandising and branding among other things.
  • His influence saw the success of Macy's through best-selling private brands.
  • On the charity front, he shows personal interest in helping widows of the Rwandan genocide.
  • Macy's is the first retailer in America to give benefits to gay partners and to offer high positions to women and minorities.
  • He's a refined gentleman in leadership and looks.

Leslie Blodgett
CEO of Bare Escentuals Beauty, Inc.

  • She became CEO of Bare Escentuals in 1994 finding success in pitching the products on late-night TV some years later.
  • Her first real job was at a McDonald's.
  • She always loved makeup, and studied cosmetics marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology after a tip from her mother.
  • She worked at the makeup counter at Macy's and then as an assistant and then a manager at Max Factor, and Neutrogena before joining BE.
  • It only took a few months for her to become CEO.
  • She is bold, creative, relatable and alluring in that girl-next-door sort of way.

Now it's time to cast your votes for the hottest male CEO and the hottest female CEO! Let the voting begin!

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