Barack Obama and Steve Jobs Talk Competitiveness and Employment

President Barack Obama talked turkey with Apple (AAPL) CEO and founder Steve Jobs on Thursday, covering a wide range of topics from American competitiveness to job creation, according to a Reuters report.

Obama, whose last face-to-face with Jobs may have been back in 2008 during the presidential campaign, was interested in meeting up with the creator of the iPhone and turnaround king. According to the report, the pair discussed energy independence, creating jobs, education, driving the U.S. to remain competitive and the president's Race to the Top initiative.

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Jobs is definitely competitive. If anyone doubts that, they should have tuned into Apple's third quarter earnings call, where he ripped into competitors over their efforts to match the success of Apple's iPad tablet computer and iPhone, according to a post on TechCrunch. Obama met with Jobs during a four-day tour he was making through the West to lend a hand to Democrats running for congressional seats and governorships.