Twin Draft Guard review: A porous defense against drafts

The Product: Twin Draft Guard
The Price: $28, including shipping and handling
The Claims: Creates airtight seal to save big on energy bills.
Buy-O-Meter Rating: 2 out of 5

The Twin Draft Guard, which claims to seal your house up tight, is the most boring name for an As Seen On TV product I've come across.

But what's in a name?

A little creativity. A little effort. A little nod to the fact that As Seen On TV products aren't a cure for cancer. At best, they make life a little easier, a little more fun.

Shoedini. Now there's a name. This shoehorn-on-a-stick knows it's not saving the world, so why not give it a little laugh? It bows to the carnival atmosphere that surrounds ASOTV products. What it lacks in a sense of purpose, it makes up for with a sense of humor.

The Twin Draft Guard has neither utility nor wit. It is an insulating device that claims to keep the cold air out and the hot air in -- and that's in summer.

But seriously folks, the dual tubed draft guard aims to block drafts from both sides of doors and windows.

Just measure the door/window, cut the foam tubes to fit, slip them into the polyester cover and slide it under the door.

Eyeballing the Twin Draft Guard -- a tube on each side of the door -- it looks like it might work. But once you see how easily the door swings open -- a selling point for the guard -- you know no airtight seal exists, as promised.

To prove the point, I aimed my Halloween fog machine at my unGuarded mud room door and watched clouds of fog seep under. Then I installed the Twin Draft Guard .... and watched clouds of fog seep under.

If fog can get out of the room, then air can blow into the room.

Does the Twin Draft Guard stop some drafts, sometimes? Probably. A little. On Mondays and Fridays.

But will it cut your energy bill by 30%, as it claims in infomercials?

Get serious, like the name.

If a product isn't going to perform, at least it can provide a laugh.

How about ....?

Well, I'm tapped out on puns about draft guards.

Brrrrrrrrr. Is it cold in here?

Or is it just me?

Veteran journalist Lisa Kaplan Gordon has never met a gadget she didn't want to try. She reviews As Seen on TV products for Consumer Ally on

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