Treasure Isle Halloween Decorations: Turn your island into the ultimate slasher flick

New Spooky Halloween Decor is here
If hoarding mounds of candy for the rest of the month wasn't enough, Zynga introduced some new Halloween-themed decorations and gifts to Treasure Isle. Unfortunately, none of these creepily cool decorations are available for coins, so expect to pay up big if you want the whole set. Luckily, there are a few Halloween items available as free gifts.

Join us after the break for a look at how you can turn your island into the best slasher movie since... well, ever.

Halloween Decorations
It's s shame that every one of these decorations costs Island Cash, because you have the makings of an awesome Halloween movie set right here. Just look, for 10 Island Cash (about $2.50) you already have the "abandoned" Slasher House. Sprinkle in a swamp creature and a Giant Spider, both for 20 Island Cash (around $4), and you got yourself some seriously scary villains. Bring in the UFO for 15 Island Cash, or around $3, to kick the scare factor up another notch. Add in a few massive explosions (maybe a giant robot or four) and Michael Bay would be so proud.
Free Halloween gifts
Don't have the budget yet for a blockbuster home island? Well, you can easily spruce up the place with these free gifts. Hey, at least we all can be a little festive.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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