The Job Market Needs More Steven Slaters... Seriously!

Steven Slater is the fresh guiding light for creating your own job, especially if you don't like the one you have.

Slater's career moves have been brilliant. Public relations experts chronicle Slater's shrewdness, as reported by Jason Chupick on

Slater began his career transition while he was a flight attendant on JetBlue, with performance art of real or simulated rage at the system. Who couldn't identify? And, hey, the guy didn't go postal; he was just bad enough. Recently in court he admitted to being, well, guilty of criminal mischief. In addition, he didn't overplay his hand by ranting about his former employer.

The publicity agency representing him -- Fifteen Minutes -- arranged for an exclusive with the master of night talk Larry King. Again, that isn't overplaying his hand by doing a bunch of live talk shows.

Slater's next job will be whatever he wants it to be. That could range from head of a foundation doing research on working in the service industry to hitting the lecture circuit describing why Paris is burning with labor unrest and America isn't. The job market needs more Slaters -- there would be plenty more people employed rather than unemployed.

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