Pet Society: The mysterious Hideeni returns bearing delicious candy

pet society hideeni
If you spot a strange character wearing a pink pumpkin costume in your Pet Society pad -- don't run away. In fact, run toward the costumed stranger, because it's not a stranger at all! It's Hideeni, and he's baaaack -- this time handing out Halloween candy. If you see him, click on him and you'll be able to share his treats via a Facebook Wall post with up to five of your society hideeni candies

As usual, giving away treats is easier than getting them and -- this that's never been more true than this go-round. I've logged into the game three times in a row and found Hideeni lurking around my newly Halloween-ified pad. What gives Hideeni -- aren't you supposed to, ya know, hide a little more?

Below is a complete list of all 12 candies you can collect from Hideeni. They might be virtual candy, but they really look good enough to eat -- especially that Halloween Chocolate Ghost and Halloween Chocolate Heart. Yum.
pet society candy hideeni -

Once you collect all 12 Hiddeni candies, you'll be rewarded with a full-sized pumpkin costume.

pet society halloween pumpkin outfit

If you're so inclined, you can also buy this Hiddeni Halloween Candy Display case in the Furniture store for 400 coins. Then you can display your Halloween candy collection for bragging rights.

pet society halloween hideeni candy display case

Have you collected all 12 Halloween treats from Hideeni yet? What are you still missing? Leave a note in the comments below. Add comment.

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