It's Official: Older White Guys Still Make More Than Most

Just when you think America has become a true racial melting pot with genders and races starting to melt into equality, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases numbers that will make you start to simmer -- unless you're an older white male. Most of them earn almost 20 percent more than anyone else.

But they're not at the top in every category. Asian men, and not necessarily the older ones, do pretty well for themselves as well. Consider the following numbers, which are posted for all the world to see on the United States Department of Labor website:

White men earn more than black men: The median salary for white men working in full time jobs is $839 per week, while median earnings for black men is $634 per week -- which tells us that they make about 75.6 percent of what white men do.

White men earn more than white women: White women who usually worked full time have median weekly earnings of $677, while the median for white men is $839, or nearly 20 percent more than their female counterparts. It should come as no surprise that men out-earn women in every race.

Management, professional and financial operations occupations, which are dominated by white men, earn most: Their median weekly income is highest of all -- $1,149 per week. Compare that to the occupations that earn least: farming, fishing and forestry, which have a median income of $436.

Older white men out-earn most younger men: White men in the 55-64 age range earn more than just about any other segment of society, with a median weekly income of $878. The only group that out-earns them is Asian men, ages 25-54 years, whose median income is $910.

Asian men also earn more than any other group in the United States. Their median weekly income is $963, while the average white guy's median income is $839. However, there are about 16.6 times as many white guys in the American work force as there are Asian guys, so while Asian Americans earn more as individuals, as a group they don't come close.

The Asian American unemployment rate is also lower than any other group. Theirs is 6.4 percent, followed by whites with an 8.7 average, Hispanics averaging 12.4 and African Americans averaging 16.1 percent.

Hispanics get the short end of the stick in most instances. The Hispanic male earns less than any of his American brothers, with a median income of only $247 per week. He out-earns only his Latina sisters, whose median income is $230.

Education is the one segment that is color blind. Regardless of your age, race or gender, the more education you have, the more money you're going to make. Those with advanced degrees average between twice and three times as much as those who never finished high school, across the board. When it comes to earnings, it seems that education, more than anything else, is the great equalizer.

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