Job Growth: Fed Could Play Santa with Cheap Credit

Job growth could happen, finally. Think early November.

That's when the Fed could play Santa. The Fed could and probably will do that at its Nov. 2-3 meeting by bringing back cheap credit, reports Jeannine Aversa in Forbes. Down, down, down would come interest rates on mortgages, corporate loans, and other debt. That magic happens as soon as the feds buy back treasury bonds.

Cheap credit gets you spending again. All that spending reassures employers that things are getting better. The employers hire. Those hired buy even more. Employers keep hiring. Those feeling secure in their jobs go for those big ticket items like cars, vacations, and even houses. Employers become short of help so they offer finder's fees to you for bringing in quality workers. You bring in so many quality workers you get promoted. Yeah, it's like old times, isn't it.

This Christmas could be truly green, as in the color of money.

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