FrontierVille Trick or Treat Goals coming soon, mysterious Ghost Cannon appears

FrontierVille Halloween Loading Screen
Ghost CannonIf you've been seeing the log-in screen pictured above for the past few days in FrontierVille, you'll be excited to hear that some details concerning the new Halloween-themed Goals and items have leaked. Titled "Trick or Treat," this new series of five Goals will take into the realm of the dead, clobbering the lost spirits of previously bludgeoned critters with the all new Ghost Cannon.

We imagine this item will operate just like the Varmint Cannon before, but with an ethereal twist. According to what's been leaked so far, these mission will unleash ghostly Bears, Foxes and Groundhogs upon your homestead. We've tried clobbering a slew of the varmints just now, but to no spiritual surprises. Stay tuned for when this new series of Goals finally goes live for everyone.

[Via FrontierVille Info]

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Have you been able to find any ghostly varmints on your homestead? What else do you think this Ghost Cannon could do? Speculate away in the comments. Add Comment.
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