Fisherman Catches Rare 'Giant Piranha'

A British fisherman has hauled in a rather terrifying catch in the Congo River in Africa – a very toothsome 'giant piranha.'

The rare goliath tigerfish is among the most dangerous freshwater fish in the world. But that didn't stop angler Jeremy Wade from going after one for the British ITV show called "River Monsters," which he hosts.

The show investigates mythical reports of humans being attacked by unknown monsters around the world.

Wade, 52, carefully held his 5-foot-long catch as he posed for photos, and it's easy to see why.

The giant fish weighs more than 100 pounds and has 32 teeth, similar in size and sharpness to those of a great white shark.

"It is quite a beast," Wade tells the Daily Mail newspaper.

Giant Piranha


He says the goliath tigerfish is basically a "giant piranha," with an extremely powerful bite.

The species "has been known to consume prey the same size as itself, attack people and take pieces out of crocodiles," Wade says.

The fish lives in a habitat that's hard to reach, in a remote part of the Congo, and Wade says it took him eight days to reel one in. For bait, he used a large catfish.

Wade tells the newspaper he stood back from the fish while hauling it in until it was safely in his landing net.

"It is a very dangerous fish to handle. If you aren't careful it could easily take your finger off or worse," he says.
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