How to earn FarmVille Style Maven Ribbons using coins only

Recently, FarmVille introduced a new Ribbon called "Style Maven". This Ribbon can be obtained by purchasing different clothing items for your farmer avatar. A lot of farmers were unimpressed with this ribbon since almost 80% of the costumes available in the market had to be purchased with Farm Cash! Previously you could not earn all the Style Maven Ribbons using just coins.

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Now, thanks to FarmGoddess, we found out today that the Blue Style Maven Ribbon can actually be received by purchasing clothing items for your avatar using coins only! A few new coin items were added to the Market inventory making this possible.
farmville style maven coins
The trick to doing so is temporarily changing the gender of your avatar, (don't worry, the effect won't last!) so that you have access to both female and male avatar coin items available. Note, that you will also have to purchase coin Halloween costumes which can be pricey! Once all the coin items have been purchased, you can return to your previous gender and your favorite outfit after having received your Blue Ribbon reward!

There is also some good news for farmers who don't wish to spend Farm Cash on costumes. A few new clothing items were introduced to the market today, that can be purchased for coins. These outfits are sneaking their way in slowly, so be on the lookout for more items that may be hitting the market until Halloween!

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

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