FarmVille sprouts on iPad (Psst! It's a lot like the iPhone version)


FarmVille maker Zynga has finally released an official iPad version of its popular Facebook farming game, and it's exactly like the iPhone version, but with better looking graphics.

The FarmVille iPad app can be downloaded for free in the App store, and like the iPhone version, you can use the touch screen to tend your crops. Also like the iPhone version, you only have limited access to certain functions on your farm -- you can plant and harvest crops, decorate your farm and visit friends but you can't do all of the little extra activities, such as send your pigs hunting for truffles or create items in your crafting building.

I've gotten to where I use the iOS version of FarmVille to tend to my crops and accept gifts. Using the touch screen to plant and harvest crops with the swipe of your finger is pretty fantastic. Then I jump back to the Facebook version to do everything else.

We're keeping our pitchforks crossed, in hopes that Zynga will figure out a way to translate the full Facebook game to mobile, so we can truly tend to our virtual farm wherever, whenever.