ESPNU College Town and Windows 7: Get techie with Microsoft-themed items

ESPNU Windows 7
This week's update to ESPNU College Town brings a very familiar face to your campus: Microsoft's Windows 7--unless, of course, today is your first time using a computer. Playdom teamed up with the folks in Redmond, Wash. to bring you some brand(ed) new items like a Windows 7 Tech Lab, a new Windows-themed All Star player and a football venue event sponsored by the company. With Bing joining forces with Jay-Z, rumors spreading about Microsoft looking to eat up CrowdStar and now another traditional social games ad promotion, it should be safe to say that Redmond is fairly serious about social gaming.

Find more details on these new items after the break.
ESPNU Windows Tech Lab
First up is the smoothly designed Windows 7 Tech Lab building, which for 11,000 coins will provide you with 70 XP and 700 coins periodically. With a name like "Tech Lab," you'd think this would be an academic building, but we'll gladly take some extra coinage.

Windows Sprint Challenge
Next is the Microsoft-sponsored football event, "Spring Challenge." For 7,000 coins, this 18 hour event will score players 12,000 coins and 600 XP. Sure, this is an interesting spin on the standard themed item promotions, but we can't begin to wrap our minds around what running has to do with Windows.

Dave Friendly and Windows 7
Last but certainly not least is the Windows 7-themed All Star, Dave Friendly. For 14,000 coins, this All Star football player is one of the most balanced All Stars in all of ESPNU. Not to mention that at 15 available plays, Friendly could very well be the best football All Star that coins can buy.

What do you think of Microsoft's first traditional foray into social game advertising? What other upgrades would you have liked to see in this update? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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