College Student Nabs the Job of Chief of Police


College student Marisol Valles, 20 years old, is the chief of police in Guadalupe, Mexico.

How that happened is not that she searched for a job. The job found her, as Maureen O'Connor reports in Guadalupe is the second most violent city in that nation. Regularly, police officers were beheaded. The mayor had been murdered. To stop all that would require the leadership of a chief of police. No one wanted the job. Therefore, Valles, a criminology major, felt a sense of obligation to be the change agent.

Perhaps that's the way more of you can find work. Identity a job that needs to get done but that no one wants. Then step up to the plate. Push to be hired for that mission. Give it all you got.

The job could be the $13.50-an-hour position helping the chronically unemployed get jobs. Sure, folks could be holding the job but not really want it. They're not there. You will be. The mission could be to be labor organizer for white collar university employees. Or the vocation or calling could be creating the new position of student advocate at an inner city high school.

Break open to the possibility of having an impact, which others see as impossible or ridiculous, and you may be employed sooner than you ever expected.

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