Cafe World and Coca-Cola: Free caffeine for all through Oct. 27

Cafe World Coca-Cola

Cafe World Coca-ColaStarting today through Oct. 27, online chefs in Cafe World can send their friends a free Coke. Zynga has (sort of) ramped up its in-game promotions over the past few weeks and not even Cafe World is safe from the rampant advertisements. Gifting the Coca-Cola item to your friends will provide them with 60 servings of the dangerously delicious drink to dole out to their customers.

Unfortunately, like the FarmVille-McDonalds promotion before it, this limited time gifting event is nothing more than a slightly interactive advertisement. While we know Halloween is right around the corner, this event had so much more potential. Even a new appliance to build like a Coke vending machine that dispenses the drink for customers would have been more interesting. Nonetheless, enjoy the beverage while it lasts as it won't even be here for a whole week. After this is through, who knows what Zynga game will get the ad treatment next. How about giftable Marlboro cigarettes in FrontierVille? Wait, that's a terrible idea.

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