Carell's Next Role: In Real Estate Office?

Steve Carell
Steve Carell

It's not every day a real estate broker gets a call from Steve Carell of "The Office" fame (pictured left). Especially when the call isn't about the actor wanting to buy some South Florida property. Rather, Carell called because he found Boca Raton real estate agent Dennis Lambert's life fascinating enough to turn into a feature film (starring Carell, of course).

Lambert, 63, has lived two very full lives professionally. In the 1960s he started out a songwriter and music producer. Today he focuses his energy selling beachfront properties in South Florida. Lambert doesn't just have a wall full of gold records, he also has a large, dedicated Filipino fanbase who essentially kicked the whole story off with their passionate and persistent requests for a comeback concert tour. (Filipinos weren't the only ones to recognize him. Variety calls Lambert "an unsung hero of pop culture.")

Carell discovered Lambert after seeing the award-winning documentary "Of All the Things," which Lambert's son shot when the singer made that trip. Adapting the humorous documentary was a no-brainer to Carell and Hollywood studio execs given that Lambert co-wrote many hits, including: "Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got)," "One Tin Soldier," "Baby Come Back," "Nightshift" and "We Built This City," and co-produced "Rhinestone Cowboy."

The added story tension is already built in. Lambert chooses to sell the heck out of houses in a down market while quietly boasting career accolades, such as having four songs simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

AOL spoke with Lambert about this developing cinematic appreciation of his life and career, as well as what he knows second best: real estate.