Black Friday: Download free apps that help you save

iPhone apps can make Black Friday shopping easier
iPhone apps can make Black Friday shopping easier

Navigate efficiently through Black Friday mobs or even avoid the masses all together by using your iPhone. A simple download can save both cash and chaos. The following featured apps are free and designed to make shopping easier, especially on stressful days like Nov. 26.

While many face the cold and the crowds this Black Friday, you can shop from home by using your iPhone. Amazon doesn't have any store locations to compete with its online shop, meaning that all of Amazon's lowest sales are available from your couch. Shop on the Amazon app, where users can buy everything from TVs to toys. The application allows customers to compare prices in order to find the best deal possible and Amazon customizes a suggestion area based on previous purchases. In case you do hit the stores on Black Friday, use the "Amazon Remembers" section where you can store photos of desired items in any store. If you don't want to wait in the crazy lines, Amazon Remembers will try to find a similar item on the web.