Black Friday: Don't wait, get deals early at outlets

Mall shoppers
Mall shoppers

Outlet malls may not be able to compete with traditional department stores once Black Friday hits, but a smart outlet shopper can get a head start on savings if they know how to spot a bargain in those stores.

If you are savvy about how outlet store prices work, then you know that the longer an item stays on the floor, the less it costs. IMore buyers at holiday time means items at outlet stores are selling faster and at higher prices.. In addition, outlet stores stock up on special items for the holiday season in time for Black Friday. And outlet stores have loss leaders too. You can get items that stores are willing to take a loss on, if you are willing to participate in a frenzied, pre-dawn stampede to get them (while supplies last). Beyond that, when you get into the outlet mall stores, you will find fewer deals than were there a month ago.