Bejeweled Blitz Giveaway: Win a free Bejeweled Picture Frame

bejeweled blitz free giveaway
Update: This contest has ended. Head to or our Facebook fanpage for more awesome giveaways.

Congratulations, you've made it to Thursday. To celebrate, we're going to continue kicking off the holiday season early by giving away more free stuff. It is the season of giving after all, and we have all kinds of cool swag that we aim to give away to our readers. In our previous giveaways, readers could enter to win a free FarmVille T-Shirt, free Zynga Laptop Bag, and free Zynga Moleskine Notebook. Everyone is eligible to win free prizes so continue reading to find out how you can enter.

For this weeks giveaway, we're leaving Zynga behind and instead giving away a free Bejeweled Picture Frame. This lovely frame has a sturdy, metallic front and is emblazoned with the colorful Bejewled Blitz shapes we've come to know and love. Written at the bottom of the frame is the word, "Obsessed". But since nowhere on the frame does it actually say Bejeweled, it's really whatever you put in the frame that becomes your obsession, making it the perfect frame for a pet or a loved one. Us gamers on the other hand won't be so easily fooled, we'll always know it's a Bejeweled frame :)

And yes, that ugly "Happy Birthday Bejeweled" picture can be taken out.

Continue reading to learn how to enter.
bejeweled blitz free giveaway

To enter:

Step 1: Go to the Facebook fanpage: (

Step 2: 'Like' the fanpage so you can see the latest Facebook game news, tips, and cheats.

Step 3: Enter the giveaway by heading to the fanpage and leave us a comment telling us about what photo you'd put in your free Bejeweled Picture Frame. Would it be a pet? Perhaps a picture of the whole family on Thanksgiving? Your spouse? What is your obsession?

(I am obsessed with my two cats: Jim and Bob II. I would definitely put a cute picture of them in the picture frame.)

After a few days, we'll randomly select a winner, message them on Facebook for their address, and send them their free Bejeweled Picture Frame. Sound easy enough?

Get started by heading to the fanpage to enter for a free Bejeweled Picture Frame.
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