Vampire Wars opens Pandora's Box, gather Ambrosia to unlock its secrets

Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box

For the past few days, Vampire Wars players have been freely gifting each other a peculiar item, Ambrosia, with promise from Zynga that the reason for it would be revealed soon. Finally, we have use for the ancient nectar with the new Pandora's Box mission. Ancient Greece's first woman has arrived, offering to open the forbidden box for some divine Ambrosia. Working much like any other mission in the game, each attempt to open Pandora's Box will cost two Ambrosia and 30 Energy. Gradually prying open the forbidden chest further will unlock new abilities for your avatar. Here's what you'll earn as you inch closer towards opening the box:

  • 40 percent Mastery: Cause Despair (95 Attack, 60 Defense)

  • 80 percent Mastery: Epidemic (100 Attack, 65 Defense)

  • 100 percent Mastery: Hope (75 Attack, 160 Defense)

In addition to sending and requesting Ambrosia, you can also ask your friends for help with the mission, which will grant them a bonus too. You only have until Oct. 29 to unlock Pandora's secrets, so gather enough of the immortal fruit before she leaves forever.

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