Treasure Isle's Halloween Pumpkin brings tasty treats, even better items

Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin

Pressing onward to Oct. 31, adventurers in Treasure Isle will find a brand new item (well, sort of) on their home island today: the Halloween Pumpkin. Operating exactly like FarmVille's Halloween Baskets, these new items allow players to either buy candy for Island Cash (10 treats for 20 Island Cash, or about $2.50) or ask their friends for the goods.

Once you gather enough treats, you can turn them in for exclusive Halloween-themed items, which when collected will randomly allow you to share them with your friends in the News Feed. According to a post on the Zynga forums, there is also a chance to win a Golden Pumpkin from your friends' News Feed posts that will grant you "a yummy surprise." So, get to growing your pumpkins if you want that nifty Mausoleum decoration. (If only we could explore it...)

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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