Having a Stay-at-Home Spouse Increases Your Chance For Promotion

women at workStay-at-home spouses are becoming part of the package for promotability. That stay-at-home slot will be a "job" as real and demanding as any go-out-to-work one. The organization might even issue an informal list of expectations for the partner on the home front.

Therefore, the partner who goes off to work must have a job that pays enough to make this arrangement worth it. Consequently, you will find most of these stay-at-home "jobs" in fields like financial services, law, corporate management, and successful entrepreneurship.

The powers-that-be often want to be assured that, yes, there will be the stay-at-home spouse holding down the fort, ranging from child care to hosting social events, reports Rachel Emma Silverman in The Wall Street Journal. Would voters have elected Barack Obama if they assumed spouse Michelle would work a full-time job in law? The America public wants to know that the first lady will be there for every awards ceremony and state dinner. Remember the backlash when, as first lady, Hillary Clinton attempted to create an unpaid policy position for herself at the White House. She soon returned to overseeing Easter egg hunts.

Increasingly, there are no gender restrictions on the spouse or stigma if the stay-at-home is male. For example, marketing whiz Julie Roehm's husband chose to quit his job and remain home. Also, gay marriages often create the decision, if children are involved, about one partner staying home.

How do you get one of those stay-at-home jobs? Marry or partner well. Another option is to do what it takes to help your spouse or partner succeed big time. For the right person, it's a good job.

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