PetVille Haunted Mansion Collection: Turn your home into an eerie estate

PetVille Haunted Mansion
If you thought PetVille's Halloween celebrations were over with mix-and-match costumes and a sprawling list of decorations, then you're in for a treat with the new Haunted Mansion Collection. While much smaller than Zynga's previous Halloween additions, this update brings some of the most interesting Halloween decorations I've seen yet.

Check behind the cut for a look at the complete Haunted Mansion set.
PetVille Haunted Mansion set
Left to right: Gary Gargoyle, Gothic Table, Jar of Eyes and other contents,Itsy Bitsy Spider,
Vald Bathory Portrait, Damien Bathory Portrait, Claudia Bathory Portrait,
Bookshelf of Horrors (contents sold separately), Trapped Little Ghost, Gothic Balcony

PetVille Haunted Mansion
Left to right: Guillotine, Trap Door, Erzebet Bathory Portrait, Grandma Ghost, Spooky Piano

PetVille Haunted Mansion
Gothic Staircase and Ancient Egyptian Coffin

If I were you, I'd save up all the Pet Cash I could for that Grandma Ghost. She might look simple enough, but stare for a bit longer and she disappears only to materialize again in and creepy, endless knitting trance. Not to mention she'll only stick around for another eight days. Casper's got noting on old Granny.

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