Need a Job? Create Your Own (Everybody's Doing It)

start upCreating your own job used to be an exotic tactic for the creative and/or aggressive employee or job hunter. Now, it's commonplace and called "start-up."

Both undergrad students and those in MBA programs, inspired by the success of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, are experimenting with start-ups while still in school, reports Max Raskin in Bloomberg Business Week.

The process has been simplified and made less expensive by global outsourcing, particularly via the Web. All entrepreneurs really need is the idea and some coordination skills. For support -- design, software, manufacturing, distribution, and human resources -- they can find vendors around the world. By the time their vision for products or services is firmed up, they probably would have talked with any number of other entrepreneurs about farming out the operations and administrative tasks. Then they just have to select among the best-qualified and most affordable.

In addition, marketing and distribution have become doable and cost-efficient because of social media. Millions of kits for building 300-square-foot homes or franchises for ghostwriting services can be promoted and sold directly from the Web.

The good news is that these start-ups, just like start-ups Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, will likely be in a hiring mode. A digital beginning does not rule out an eventual human workforce.

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