How to sell unused Groupons and other group vouchers

Sale price tagGroupon and other group buying websites are great for scoring deep discounts on everything from a half-price dinner to a cheap skydiving outing. These amazing deal vouchers are often only available to purchase for 24 hours, which means that in the heat of the moment it's possible to buy a Groupon voucher that you later learn you can't, or don't want to, use.

Rather than letting it go to waste, you can sell unused Groupons and other group-buying deals to recoup your cost. Coupon Sherpa has found five ways to resell group-buying buying vouchers. These sites operate much like gift card reselling sites and while they tend to focus on a few big sites like Groupon, many also support other group buying sites like Fresh Guide and Living Social.
Our favorite place to buy or sell group-buying vouchers is, which covers a wide array of cities and makes it easy to see the terms and price of the original deal. When you choose to look closer at a group buying deal, Lifesta loads up the original Groupon deal on the same page so that you can compare the original purchase price, terms of use and expiration straight from the source.This view also allows you to see more about the original deal, such as the item description and photos without having to navigate to other pages.

Our own Julia Scott took a look at whether Groupon coupons are a good deal and shared the following about selling Groupons."If you miss a deal, or can't use one that you bought, CoupRecoup is your best friend.", says Scott, calling the site, "ground zero" for buying and selling used Groupons. While we like CoupRecoup, it is currently in beta, which means a limited number of cities.

Coupon Sherpa also lists Dealigee and DealsGoRound as go to places for selling a group buying voucher that you can't use. Dealigee covers New York City, Chicago and San Fransisco and connects to Facebook while DealsGoRound covers more than 50 cities and offers a direct link to the original group buying page in addition to a table of important deal information.

Coupon Sherpa also suggests Craigslist, but unless you want to take a risk, we suggest you stick to a site like Lifesta, which allows you to complete the buying and selling online and comes with a 60-day guarantee. If you find yourself constantly selling Groupons, you may want to save yourself the time and get better about asking yourself if you'll really use the Groupon or not.
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