Home Selling Online: Upgrade to SLR Photos

Snapping a few shots with a cell phone camera won't cut it when selling a house. And although a digital camera is definitely a step up, it still may not do the trick. SLR cameras are the way to go and well worth the time and investment when posting real estate photos online.

Real estate agents swear by them and won't substitute, that is, if they want their listings to move and to make their clients happy. Jesus Menendez, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker, never compromises.

"It's a matter of fact that property listings without photos are passed by when potential buyers are searching through properties marketed online. Personally, I have professional photography done of all my properties," Menendez told HousingWatch. The only exception is with foreclosures and short sales where, for obvious reasons, the owners request minimal or no exposure of the interiors.
Veteran real estate photographer Luis Travieso says SLR is a must over digital photography. (He works with a majority of Realtors at Esslinger Wooten Maxwell and with luxury real estate specialists, the Jills, at Coldwell Banker).

"SLR gives better quality, detail and resolution -- making the pixels larger," he told HousingWatch. "Also, the higher ISO means the more sensitivity you have for the light. It's possible, too, to use an external flash with these, which is necessary for interior shots.

"With SLR you can also change lenses and go really wide and the optic is much better than any point-and-shoot," he says. "Ultra-wide-angle lenses are unbelievable."

Point-and-shoot doesn't work for real estate shots, because it has too many pixels, no external flash -- only built-in -- which doesn't work for interior shots because you need lighting. The photographer can't synchronize and there's only one lens, so it's impossible to go wide enough for shots. An attachment is necessary to accomplish this and that deteriorates the image.

All these high-quality factors with SLR make a tremendous difference in how a listing is viewed and sells. Judy Zeder of Esslinger Wooten Maxwell says that with the majority of searches being online
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it's very important how properties look, and the quality of the photography makes a huge difference.

"The point of photography is to get a potential buyer into the home and quality photography is your doorway into that home," Zeder told HousingWatch, "and without that you are less likely to sell the home.

"We like to make sure our homes look a little better than anyone else," she says, "and have gotten offers from strictly Internet searches on some of our listings, so obviously we are very pleased with the photography we have."

At Esslinger Wooten Maxwell, they've always used SLR photography, and they also employ an award-winning designer for their brochures and an in-house marketing person, to ensure they are giving their clients the highest quality possible.

Zeder says that they are constantly complimented on their photography and that their reputation in the industry speaks for itself.

Veteran Miami Beach Realtor Esther Percal, also with EWM, echoes Zeder's thoughts on the importance of high quality images. "A well thought out professional photo of property makes a world of difference and is worth every penny, especially because so many property searches are done online," she said. "In addition, our color brochures and mailers are still a very useful tool in this business."

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