Heaven's Diner: Diner Dash meets online menu sharing

Even the gods like to eat, right?

That's the message of Heaven's Diner presented by Hermes on behalf of Zeus and game publisher Mobilitz. Heaven's Diner is one part online-menu sharing and one part Diner Dash. The goal of this latest addition to Facebook's social gaming is to work your way through the Greek pantheon, building up your restaurant and serving the gods.

The game starts you off in Prima Heaven. Gamers have four tables, where they seat angels in the hope of eventually having the honor of serving the goddess Athena. Your restaurant can serve up to four dishes, which you "Summon" from The Food Scripture. While the naming is heavy handed, the actual design has some modest social appeal. Facebook gamers can upload pictures of various dishes, name the restaurant the dish is found in and write a review of the dish. The more popular the dish is, the more you'll earn when serving that dish in your restaurant.

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