Heaven's Diner: Diner Dash meets online menu sharing

Even the gods like to eat, right?

That's the message of Heaven's Diner presented by Hermes on behalf of Zeus and game publisher Mobilitz. Heaven's Diner is one part online-menu sharing and one part Diner Dash. The goal of this latest addition to Facebook's social gaming is to work your way through the Greek pantheon, building up your restaurant and serving the gods.

The game starts you off in Prima Heaven. Gamers have four tables, where they seat angels in the hope of eventually having the honor of serving the goddess Athena. Your restaurant can serve up to four dishes, which you "Summon" from The Food Scripture. While the naming is heavy handed, the actual design has some modest social appeal. Facebook gamers can upload pictures of various dishes, name the restaurant the dish is found in and write a review of the dish. The more popular the dish is, the more you'll earn when serving that dish in your restaurant.

From there, the gameplay pretty much functions as Diner Dash for the gods, minus our favorite young entrepreneur Flo. Angels will periodically pop up at tables, accompanied by a dialogue bubble that shows a picture of the food item they want. Once you have the order, you click the dish from your menu at the top of your screen and watch it get prepared on the bottom of the screen.

There's a little confusion you may have to work your way through. Although there are four platters on the bottom of the screen, only three of them are reserved for dishes being cooked. The fourth tray, that is farthest to the right, is the tray that is ready to be served. Gamers can only serve the dish that is on the serving tray even if another dish is ready. Click the wrong Angel by accident and they will respond with an ill-tempered grimace. The game adds a second level of difficulty when ingredients are added to dishes. Then you must wait for your dish to be cooked and moved to the serving tray, before adding one of four ingredients. Each dish can have up to three additional ingredients.

Each patron at your restaurant starts off with three hearts, which gradually deplete depending on the service. The more hearts you earn, the faster you will fill your god meter. Athena will visit your restaurant once this meter is filled. Athena's hearts deplete faster because she expects to be served right away. Successfully serve Athena, and at the end of the round she will offer you one of six unmarked chests to choose a reward from. You also earn money called Karmas that can be used to upgrade the style of your restaurant so that you can eventually earn more. Gamers also get 1000 Karmas just for uploading their first dish. Each serving round lasts one minute. After a while your energy will begin to deplete. However, you will get additional energy cells every fifteen minutes.

Right now, there are at least four grades of godliness - the first being Prima Heaven. You can unlock Poseidon's Realm at level 20 by earning certain items from satisfying Athena. Since this is a new game, the social aspect still needs some work. There's no way to easily exchange or gift items to other gamers. There's also no incentive to add other restaurants or Facebook users to your roster. In future updates, Mobilitz should consider adding in some form of competition with other gamers to boost stats. For now, it's nice to reap the Karma boosts from Facebook gamers who Summon my Jerk Ribeye.

In November, Mobilitz plans to release a free companion iPhone app for Heaven's Diner. According to Mobilits the app "adds location-based tools, turning mobile players into real-life 'food hunter.'"

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