Harvard Club Rejects Eliot Spitzer for Membership

Eliot Spitzer
Eliot Spitzer

The Harvard Club in New York City has rejected a membership application from CNN host Eliot Spitzer. The former New York governor and former New York attorney general graduated from Harvard Law School.

Spitzer spokeswoman Lisa Linden told The New York Post that the Harvard Club's decision was "disappointing."

The midtown-Manhattan club rarely turns down qualified applicants, according to the Times, which reported that the 123-year-old institution was swayed by the prostitution scandal that pushed Spitzer from the governor's office two years ago. He resigned as governor after a federal investigation identified him as a client of a prostitution ring.

In response to a query from DailyFinance, the Harvard Club said only that its admission proceedings are confidential.

The rejection isn't the only bad news Spitzer has received recently. His talk show, Parker Spitzer, which he hosts along with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Kathleen Parker, also debuted on CNN to low ratings earlier this month.