Halloween Costumes Could Lead to Job Offers and More

halloween costumesThe Halloween costume you put together needs to deliver an attention-getting message about your unique abilities. No sandwich board screaming "Will work for food." Instead your Halloween costume might communicate genius as a craftsperson, waitress, clerical, stand up comic, editor, manager, or any of the other thousands of fields in which there have been layoffs. That's the first step.

The second and more important step is to make publicity happen. You do this both through traditional media distribution channels and through more unconventional ones on the web. Both require brilliance in staging and performance art as well as in publicity skills.

For example, you are a jobless manager. You orchestrate a scene rather than just one costume for yourself. That scene depicts an ideal in profitable managing. You enact that scene in a symbolic manner. For example, you place yourself in front of a well-known business school or business. Check with authorities if you need a permit. Not as good, but still potentially effective, is staging in a park or in front of your house. Give out free candy.

Notify media -- print, digital, broadcast -- of the special event. An amateur press release would be just fine. Books in the library and free short articles on PR WEB explain how to do that. Simultaneously, you arrange your own social media campaign. Have your performance captured on video. Download that to YouTube. Also, send it, with a catchy or sticky title, around the Web. Put it on a Twitter link. Notify bloggers focused on careers.

This effort could bring in job offers. What might be better is that you as well as others recognize your ability in public relations, marketing communications, and lobbying. All those fields always need talent. They pay well. Either you will be contacted by Big Foots in those lines of work who can hire you, or you might start your own enterprise getting publicity for others.

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