FarmVille Halloween's next wave of items brings both form and function

Super Chicken
As our favorite day in October approaches, Zynga is bringing out some seriously impressive items to FarmVille for Halloween. Most importantly is the Super Chicken, which for 20 Farm Cash (about $4) will sometimes lay Treasured Golden Mystery Eggs in your Chicken Coop. Finally, some Halloween-themed items with fun features.

But, of course, this is just the beginning. So, follow us behind the cut for the rest of the new Halloween items on the farm.
FarmVille Halloween Items
As for the rest of the new items, they don't stand a chance against... Super Chicken, but they're all pretty adorable. Especially since we have the sinking feeling that there's more to the Ghost Sheep than simply a tomb stone. The Candy Corn Pony is one of the most strikingly colored horses I've seen in FarmVille while the Palm Monster does wonders for our nostalgia.

FarmVille Halloween Costumes
There are also a slew of new costumes that cost somewhat hefty amounts of Farm Cash, but at least they come nothing close to what you'd pay at the local Halloween stores that crop up this time of year. (Well, we'd hope not considering they are digital.)

FarmVille Halloween Clothing
FarmVille Accessories
Lastly, a wide collection of clothing and accessories was added today to help fill that expanding wardrobe. Oddly enough, most of this clothing would never be worn for farm work, but there are sacrifices to be made in the name of fashion.

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[Source: FarmVille Blog]

What's your favorite of the new Halloween items? Will you be adding Super Chicken to the Legion of Livestock? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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