EA snaps up Angry Birds publisher for a mere $20 million

EA buys Angry Birds creator Chillingo
EA buys Angry Birds creator Chillingo

It looks like Electronic Arts' (EA) next target might be the mobile social games space after today's purchase of Chillingo, the publisher behind iPhone hits like Angry Birds. According to the Los Angeles Times, an anonymous source claims the company was bought for around $20 million. With mobile game developers like ngmoco getting gobbled up for $400 million, this was a steal.

EA spokeswoman Holly Rockwood claims that the company will maintain Chillingo's independence, but surely that won't keep the old-timer publisher from funding a few games of its own. Especially considering EA snatched up Playfish, the studio behind Facebook games like Pet Society and more recently Madden NFL Superstars (thanks to EA), last year for $300 million. Not to mention the legion of game, technology and web companies looking to claim their share of the mobile social games pie.

Playfish, with Chillingo and EA money, could create some seriously robust mobile adaptations of its existing Facebook games. And Angry Birds' insane success should be proof enough that the publisher knows exactly how to strike mobile gold. If recent numbers suggest anything, this probably won't be the last big purchase you hear word of.

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