Apple's on the hunt for mobile, social game partnerships

Apple Game Center
Apple Game Center

If a freshly submitted job posting is any indication, Apple is looking to strengthen its relationships with current and future game developers. While it's obvious already that the company is serious about gaming with the recent release of Game Center for iOS 4 devices, it seems now that Apple is keen on improving its interpersonal relations with mobile game developers.

With Google possibly in cahoots with several publishers, Zynga looking to improve its mobile games and Facebook attempting to improve its own games platform--not to mention it's making beaucoup bucks from Facebook Credits in its social games--Apple cannot afford to sit idly on this golden opportunity. Whoever is lucky enough to score the six-figure gig will be known as Apple's Casual Games and Social Networking Partnership Manager. According to the posting, the fortunate fellow will "be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with new and existing software developers, to promote application development, and to continue the delivery of world-class solutions and content on Apple devices."

In other words, play nice with mobile game developers so that they don't go anywhere else. Oh my, what perfect timing you have, Apple.

[Via Inside Social]

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