5 Best Photo Opportunities in Toronto

Photo Opportunities Toronto

Lee Van Grack

Toronto has everything you want in a photogenic city. It has a long shoreline with lapping waves. It has the iconic CN tower that looms over a giant egg-shaped stadium. There are plenty of interactive tourist attractions to shoot by day, and wide straight streets with all the bright lights and bustle to shoot at night. Canada's largest city sure is pretty. Photo opportunities Toronto affords abound, and now all you have to do is capture them.

1. Romantic Spot: Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel

If you want a romantic spot to take a photo of Toronto, then book a room at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel. Choose the right room (we chose #478), pull back the drapes, and be prepared to have your breath stolen. Your hotel room is located inside a huge stadium –the Rogers Centre – where the Toronto Blue Jays and the Canadian Football League play, as well as the NFL, and every major recording artist who comes to town. Now we are not suggesting you take unauthorized photos of these events, but the stadium itself is pretty interesting and you can capture it while in your pajamas, splurging on a $5 mini-bar Coke. What could be more romantic than that?

Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel
One Blue Jays Way
Toronto, ON M5V 1J4 Canada
416-341-7100, 800-237-1512

2. Quirky Spot: Toronto Zoo

Let's face it. Everyone loves babies, especially when they are furry and scurry on four legs. The Toronto Zoo is one of the best photo ops in Toronto for shooting such memorable subjects as a Malayan tapir, the Mandarin duck (no, not the kind you wear on your shoulder) and the central bearded dragon. There are plenty of places where you can get close enough to take some real wildlife shots and if you're sneaky enough, you can pretend your series of white-headed vulture shots had you running for cover. Located outside the city center, for obvious reasons, the zoo is reachable by public transport. There are also loads of indoor exhibits to shoot if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Toronto Zoo
361A Old Finch Ave
Toronto, ON M1B 5K7 Canada
Daily 9:30AM-4:30PM
Adults $23, seniors $17, children 4-12 $13

3. Fun Family Spot: Hockey Hall of Fame

If you think Canadians are all about ice hockey, you are absolutely right. It is impossible to visit Toronto, even in the summertime, and not hear about the famous (or hapless) Leafs, depending on who is doing the talking. Think "Chicago Cubs" and you will get the general idea of what the Maple Leafs are all about. Thankfully, the Hockey Hall of Fame covers all the teams, from the Habs (Montreal) to the Canucks (Vancouver). You can take your best photo in Toronto of the kids playing interactive games, standing in replica hockey dressing rooms and ogling hockey's great icons, like the Stanley Cup.

Hockey Hall of Fame
Brookfield Place
30 Yonge St
Toronto, Canada, M5E 1X8
Mon-Sat 9:30AM-6PM, Sun 10AM-6PM
Adults $15, seniors $12, children 4-13 $10, children 3 & under free

4. Scenic Spot: The Islands

Just about all Toronto travel photography is taken from the islands. Well, not always on the islands, but near them, from the water or the air or anywhere else you can fit the CN Tower into the frame. The islands are a short hop from downtown and provide all kinds of opportunities for fun shots. In the summer, you'll find boaters and volleyball players, hikers and bikers. In the other seasons, the air is crisp and clean, so the downtown skyline is often bathed in bright blue sky. Easily accessible by ferry, located at Bay Street and Queens Quay.

5. Classic Spot: CN Tower

Yes, riding to the top of the CN Tower is a classic place to take photos, and doing so is as stereotypical as visiting the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building. But as photo opportunities Toronto is known for, it has to be done. For the top of a skinny tower, there are a lot of places to shoot from. There is an observation deck, of course, but also a Skypod (33 stories higher than the deck) and a glass floor. Not for the faint-hearted but great for panoramic photos.

CN Tower
301 Front St
W Toronto, ON Canada
Daily 9AM-10PM
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