5 Best Photo Opportunities in Punta Cana

Photo Opportunities Punta Cana
Photo Opportunities Punta Cana

Lee Van Grack

Cutting the cake and kissing the bride rank up there. So does sunset as it reflects off the sand tingeing it pink or purple, yellow and orange. In fact, the beach here is so picture-postcard perfect, you'll likely gobble up your memory card with images of super soft sand and crashing waves. But photo opportunities in Punta Cana aren't limited to sun and sea. Venture outside the gates of your resort on a leisurely day trip or extreme dune buggy tour and you're bound to snap scenic shots you'll be proud to show the folks back home.

Tips for top Punta Cana travel photography include: shooting early or late, since daybreak and dusk provide the best light; using a simple (and cheap) UV filter to mute the sun's harshest rays; and "framing" your shot in a captivating way – with a quirky background or with your main subject matter slightly off to the side, for example. With the beauty of Punta Cana and these quick tips, that killer shot you're after is just a click away.