THQ working on two UFC social games thanks to extended contract

Ultimate Fighting Championship
Ultimate Fighting Championship

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal reports that THQ, the folks behind the Red Faction franchise and the recent Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) games, has signed an extended agreement through 2018 with American sports promoter Zuffa LLC. While that's fine and dandy for all parties involved, what's most important is THQ's vice president of Core Games Danny Bilson's official statement:

"We're very excited to extend our relationship with Zuffa and the Ultimate Fighting Championship." "Working closely together with Dana White and the incredible team at UFC, we plan to continue to deliver outstanding interactive UFC experiences to gamers around the world in all new ways, including social, mobile and brand extensions."

This must mean that Digital Chocolate'sMMA Pro Fighter will finally have a worthy combatant to face in the octagon. While details on the upcoming social games are scarce, THQ also mentions that it now has the rights to bring UFC games to iPhone and iPad as well (so, no WWE for Facebook?). Soon you'll finally be able to beat up your bullies on even ground. Unless they all have this puppy; then you're probably out of luck.

[Source: Business Wire]

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