Starbucks uncorks new business model that includes beer, wine

Starbucks sign
Starbucks sign

There's a new buzz at Starbucks and it has nothing to do with caffeine. The Starbucks, Olive Way store in the hip, Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle is the first to offer beer, wine and savory foods in a move that may signal a new direction for the decade ahead. And where Starbucks goes, could Dean and Deluca, Caribou Coffee and Peet's be far behind?

Behold the grande, skinny chard no whip? Cabernecinnos? Bold roasted brewskis?

Turning 40 does something to people, and it looks like the same goes for behemoth, billionaire coffee makers. Nipping and tucking at what has become a venerable, global brand, Starbucks is experimenting with the 2,400 square foot Seattle location in an effort to determine if bar tending baristas will bolster the after-hours crowd.