Renter Rewards Keep Tenants Happy


Most reward programs offer points for spending money. Example: charge up your Mastercard, reap miles for travel. But an apartment community in Fort Worth, Tex., has devised a way to reward residents for good behavior, community volunteer service, or simply being a faithful tenant.

Residents at the Chaparral Apartment Homes, a 10-year-old, 135-unit multifamily complex about 10 miles from Cowboys Stadium, are handed out points for certain tasks, jobs and old-fashioned positive deeds. Good tasks range from paying your rent on or before the first of the month -- that's 10 points -- or spending one hour of volunteer time with residents' children at the kids club -- that‛s 30 points. Put an "I [Heart] Chaparral" bumper sticker on your car that says you like the place, 20 points. Refer a friend, 100 points.