OpenFeint creator considering Windows Phone 7 if it can bring home the bacon

Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7

Aurora Feint, the creator of mobile social game network OpenFeint, told the Wall Street Journal that it is considering bringing its service to developers on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. However, the company wants to see some numbers first such as how many phones--and more importantly, apps--the company can sell coming out the gate.

Chairman of Aurora Feint Peter Relan told WSJ, "We get a lot of interest from our developer community about the Windows 7 phone, but there are two reasons why it's not a slam dunk yet. One is that people believe that Windows 7 is a great phone a too little too late, so there's a bit of a wait and see in terms of the developer community."

Relan recollects on when the iPhone first launched that game developers flocked to the new, advanced platform, but unfortunately this isn't the case with Windows Phone 7 (for most, anyway). Not to mention Relan's second reason for being hesitant is that, "Microsoft brought a light version of (its own social game network) Xbox Live onto Windows Phone 7, so we're uncertain as to whether we can have the same market power," Relan said.

Since Microsoft already has Xbox Live service on the phone, maybe the Redmond-based technology giant doesn't want any competition on its new toy. Well, if Windows Phone 7 takes off like Android has when it comes to gaming, we may very well see OpenFeint on three big time smartphones (not if Intel has anything to say about it), but of course that depends on what the gamers want hopefully ultimately.

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