Microsoft could be preparing for social games with update

Updated update coming tomorrow update coming tomorrow

The Xbox Team's Major Nelson revealed that will undergo a massive overhaul tomorrow that includes a brand new design, an Avatar editor (finally!), a new message and request center and most importantly, brand new games to play right on the website. According to Major Nelson, these new, unannounced web games can be played over Xbox Live on either the new website or on Windows Phone 7.

Since this is Xbox Live, we'll make an educated guess that these games will have more use to you than just a few minutes of play time. It wouldn't make much sense for achievements and Gamerscore tracking not to find their way into these new games. And if FarmVille has already been confirmed for Windows Phone 7, who's to say other social games won't their way onto either platform? If you were in any doubt that Microsoft was serious about making Xbox Live a fully-featured social ecosystem for their devices, then we'll see tomorrow just what these "web games" will mean for the network.

[Source: Major Nelson's Blog]
[Image Credit: Major Nelson's Flickr]

Would you play games on if they meant more towards your Gamerscore and Achievements? What do you think of social games coming to at least one of Microsoft's platforms? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.