Mafia Wars Italy trailer shows an 'Old Country, New Mafia'


Now that you've finally shut that Don Romo up, Zynga has released the official trailer for Mafia Wars: Italy. Set to release by the end of October, Italy, unlike the recent Dublin Challenge Mission, will be the next full-blown city for you digital gangsters to wreak havoc upon.

The trailer is filled with animated, illegible script that we imagine establishes the plot for this new city, but imagery speaks much louder than words we can't make out in the first place. If the super violent trailer is any indication, expect lots of hits, street fights and high speed chases... on garbage trucks? Oh, and expect lots of explosions too, because we all know it just isn't Mafia Wars without explosions.

[Via Mafia Wars Blog]

Are you hyped for Mafia Wars: Italy yet? What else do you think we can expect from this brand new territory? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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