Want a Job in the Food Industry? Order the Burger

hamburgerBurgers are more than holding their own in this downturn. They may be thriving because this food concept has taken the place of steak.

Steak had an eight-year run, explains Danny Meyer to New York Magazine reporter Beth Landman. Meyer owns burger-dominant Shake Shack, which has grown to six Manhattan locations at a time when eating establishments based on other food concepts, ranging from pizza to exotic salads, have cut staff. Meyer sees the sustained boom as a combination of a market for other parts of cattle and the relatively low cost of starting burger joints. After all, McDonald's developed the model for that.

If you're applying for a job or considering becoming a foodie entrepreneur, burgers could be your path to financial security or more.

Incidentally, McDonald's, both local chains and corporate headquarters, always seems to be hiring. Stop in a branch near you or take a look at this list of available jobs and instructions on how to apply. The categories of work opportunities include restaurant crew, shift manager, assistant manager, restaurant manager, and corporate career paths in accounting, real estate, marketing, franchising, media relations, and engineering. You might find yourself a trainee at Hamburger University.

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