Executive/Management Jobs Not Being Filled: Gen X Not Ambitious, Enough

now hiringExecutive/management jobs are standing vacant. Those vacancies will increase by the end of this year as 10 million baby boomers retire.

Too many executive/management jobs are not being filled, explains McKay Coppins in Newsweek, primarily because of two reasons. The younger generations, especially Gen Y, have been both socialized and educated to shun that old-fashioned ambition and sense of competition necessary to wind up in the corner office. Youths tilt more toward following your strengths rather than being driven and cooperating rather than competing to be No. 1.

What this means is that if you're a member of Generation Y and are atypical, the road might be wide open for you to head for the top. You'll be primarily competing with older generations. Clearly you have the edge of youth, high energy, no home responsibilities, ability to take risks because of nothing much to lose, and being in tune with digital technology.

How to prepare for that climb?

Observe. Study people in order to figure out what really motivates them. Test out the theories you develop in volunteer work. Bring back to your paid work the best practices.

Love your inner outsider. Embrace your new role in your generation as an outsider. Research shows that it's those external to the culture who can read it clearly, see what it lacks, and have the risk-taking courage to fix it. As outsiders become assimilated they become less wildly successful. When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg morphs into the new establishment, we can probably expect his ability as a game changer to lessen.

Preach. Others will likely thank you for showing them the way back to ambition and competition. After all, the game in itself is fun to play. Isn't that exactly why you are consumed with sports? The new converts will be your loyal work force.

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