Braaains on Facebook: It's zombie vs. zombie in this promising new game

facebook brains
facebook brains

Zombies beware! Social gamers are coming for your Braaains! Well, at the least, we're coming for what's left of your brains. From shows like Supernatural to AMC's upcoming comic adaptation The Walking Dead, it's clear that everyone is gearing up for the zombie apocalypse – including, Broken Bulb Studios.

Braaains, the new Facebook game from Broken Bulb, gives gamers the chance to amass armies of zombies and wage war on Facebook friends and enemies. While the game is still in its infancy, Braaains' Mafia Wars style gameplay will surely grab zombie fans instantly.

Braaains' begins with a quick tutorial to get you started on your way to total zombie domination. You start by exhuming a bare bones zombie from the graveyard. Although the tutorial points out your first zombie to select, you can choose your zombie based off of personality (Depressed, Raging, Schizo, etc), date of death and title (which is more like an army Rank). Each zombie also has a phonetic name based off of typical zombie ramblings like Raaagh Aagraaggh and Mraaagh Raaagh. None of these names or personality traits seem to affect actual gameplay. There 21 zombies to choose from all with the same vitals and cost. The only real change happens with subsequent zombie additions to your army in which case the price tag goes up substantially. Hopefully, Broken Bulb will add more diversity to this process in future updates.