Vampire Wars' Bear Familiars and Parisian sets are filled with Energy

With the events in Paris unfortunately come to a close, Zynga has added some items to Vampire Wars for us to remember our adventures with. There are new Bear Familiars that grant the same bonuses as those before them, which, quite frankly, is kind of boring. Can't these creatures be a bit more interactive? Couldn't they, say, grant a new Familiar-centric ability when purchased? It seems like Familiars have solidified themselves as a staple for Energy boosts and as cosmetic accessories. These are the three Bears you can buy from the Avatar Shop:

  • Grizzly Bear: 40 Favor Points, grants 25 Energy
  • Polar Bear: 60 Favor Points, grants 40 Energy
  • Zombie Bear: 80 Favor Points, grants 55 Energy

Again, you'll have to buy these Familiars in order from top to bottom, which will run you the expected total of 180 Favor Points, or around $25. While the Energy is a permanent addition, there isn't much motivation to buy the Familiars unless you're either a collector or want to make a cosmetic change. Check behind the break for the other new items in Vampire Wars.
Parisian Avatar Sets
Next is our reminder of time spent in a distant land filled with delicious crepes and brilliant artwork, the Parisian Avatar sets. Fortunately, each gendered set offers the same bonuses this time around with each granting 2 Defense and 16 Energy. Each set, Female and Male, cost 35 Favor Points, or around $4. Again, the Avatar sets seem to give more for the money with more variety in their stats, but if raw Energy is what you're looking for, then the Familiars are unmatched if a little pricey.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Will you be collecting all of the Bear Familiars and your Parisian Avatar set? What interesting things do you think Zynga could do with Familiars in the future? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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