Treasure Isle: New Boosts up for sale, dig, cut and mine more than ever

New Boosts
New Boosts

Still waging the endless war of opinion that is Pirates vs. Ninjas? Zynga has added new Boost items to Treasure Isle that should help with coming to that conclusion. Each of the three Boosts, Shovel, Machete and Pickaxe will cause the tools to use one less Energy per task and go for varying amounts of Island Cash. Oddly enough, there is also a bundle option that pretty much trivializes the idea of buying them separately. The items' asking prices go a little something like this:

  • Shovel Boost: 50 Island Cash (about $9)

  • Machete Boost: 20 Island Cash (about $4)

  • Pickaxe Boost: 15 Island Cash (about $3)

  • Boost Bundle: 50 Island Cash (wait a second...)*

*While you can buy these Boosts separately, a bundle of all three costing the price of just the Shovel Boost is quite a deal. Considering the Shovel is the most widely used tool in the game--who's Boost will most likely sell the most--just buying a Shovel doesn't make much sense. If you're going to invest in these at all, save yourself the $7 and go in on the bundle.

Will you be taking advantage of the new Boost items? What do you think of bundled item packages? Should they be offered more often? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.