Restaurant City offers ghoul-busting action and free treats for Halloween

Restaurant City Halloween Horrors Unleashed
As though Midnight Week and the currently running Transylvannia Week weren't enough, Restaurant City has unleashed a neighborhood invasion where players can nab Halloween ghouls to earn points for daily awards. These awards are divided into three tiers: Bronze (requires 150 points), Silver (400 points), and Gold (800 points).
Restaurant City Ghoul Meter
Each of these tiers also gets its own ghoul meter so you can keep track of how many points you have.
Restaurant City Unleashed Ghouls Awards
Today's Gold Award is the discontinued Brain Jar (a premium item that was originally available in July for 15 Playfish Cash). Bronze and Silver prizes tend to be free coins or rare ingredients. Be sure to post to your Facebook profile when you collect your prizes because it'll give other players the chance to share in your winnings!

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