Old man in a youth hostel: I saved big, slept well, and enjoyed the wifi

youth hostel bunk beds - not just for youths anymore
youth hostel bunk beds - not just for youths anymore

On a recent reporting trip to the Toronto International Film Festival for WalletPop and other outlets, I booked four nights at a hostel and feared the worst: hard-partying tourists, sketchy conditions and zero privacy. What else could a cranky 49-year-old family man expect from a place that traditionally has "youth" in front of it?

I was blessedly wrong. My stay in a private room with shared hallway bathroom was quiet and tension-free. The room was clean, the WiFi strong, and I was able to recharge in a comfy queen bed. Best of all, I saved big bucks. Instead of shelling out a minimum of $240 a night for even a modest hotel near the festival center, I paid a total of $252 for four nights at the All Days House #3. That's $63 a night. What made it more satisfying was that I searched for lodging just days before the festival.