Kaplan Inc. -- Big Business of Education Means Big Job Opportunity

kaplan job opportunitiesKaplan Inc., the earnings engine for Washington Post Company, entered the education niche in 1938. Today worldwide, education, both academic and trade, is perceived as a must-have for economic success.

No surprise, Kaplan's branches continually have job openings for positions ranging from management, to coaching for standardized tests, to teaching actual courses in college and professional schools such as law. They are well-paid and can lead to career paths in educational services or launching your own business. Kaplan is based on the for-profit model of education and training.

Type "Kaplan Job Openings" into AOL Search and you will be delighted to see so much diverse opportunity. This recent help wanted on Careerbuilder.com is for the Health Med Center manager for its Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions division In Pittsburgh, Pa.

Where Generation Y and some members of Generation X tend to find full-time, part-time and freelance work with Kaplan is helping its clients improve their performance in admissions tests such as the SAT, MCAT, and LSAT. That's because they recently taken those tests themselves. Kaplan wants to meet you if you have documentation that you excelled on a particular test or tests. The company provides full training for coaching students.

Obviously, those who might be closed out of other areas such as practicing law or finding a job in their college major can find a "home" in the Kaplan for-profit approach to education. Its scope is international.

First review a detailed analysis of the Kaplan's business model. Bering familiar with this information could give you the edge when applying. You might also want to know that this year, the Washington Post Company sold its Newsweek subsidiary for a buck. In 1984, it purchased Kaplan Inc. That seems to have worked out better than Newsweek.

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