Home Depot: Hiring 250 in Salem, Oregon, Must Apply Now

home depot jobsHome Depot is hiring 250 for its new 467,000-square-foot distribution center in Salem, Ore.

The Home Depot jobs range from operating a fork lift to customer service. Being a hard worker counts more than experience. That's because those particular jobs are demanding and Home Depot's organizational culture values total commitment.

Home Depot welcomes those over 50. Since 2004, Home Depot and AARP have had a partnership to recruit, develop and retain older employees. When I was 58, I was a contract employee at Home Depot in Bridgeport, Conn. Home Depot management encouraged me to apply for permanent jobs both in that store and in its headquarters in Atlanta. But, says Home Depot, you must apply now for the Salem jobs, which will begin in 2011. Home Depot has already begun to review applications. You can apply here.

The new center will help Home Depot become more efficient in managing its supply chain for its stores in western states. Wal-Mart became a global retail powerhouse partly because of its early innovations in supply-chain management. For example, Wal-Mart was one of the first chains to create electronic links among suppliers, its warehouses, and its stores.

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