FarmVille gets the Farmers Insurance blimp to protect your crops, win a ride on it

Farmers Insurance Airship
Another week, another brand promotion in FarmVille. In a promotion that probably should have happened ages ago, Zynga has teamed up with the Farmers Insurance group to provide players with complete crop protection for 10 days, or until Oct. 27. Players will find the zeppelin inside their gifts menu and once it's placed on their farm, nothing will wither for that time.

Better yet, it's completely free. Well, we did say you could win a ride on the thing (dang, and I wanted it to myself), so all you need to do is "Like" the Farmers Insurance page and you'll be entered to win a ride on the largest commercial zeppelin in the world. Sound cool enough? We thought so. Oddly enough, a promotion from this insurance company is even better than the McDonald's one recently. I mean, you have The Hamburglar; how do you mess that up?

Will you be entering the contest to win a ride on the Farmers Airship? What ideas do you have for promotions with other brands? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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